We provide several services for laboratory testing, research and development services in natural sciences, research and development services in biotechnology and engineering, research and development services in fisheries and marine science, including comprehensive genetic testing for environmental biotechnology, exploration of marine biodiversity; to private and national biodiversity consultants. The main focus of our services is molecular biology and marine biodiversity.


What We Do?

We identify species using their DNA

As leading DNA barcoding experts, we are able to not only identify all the pests and common species, but also digitally represent evaluate biodiversity in its entirety. Thus, we contribute significantly to the development of a comprehensive online genetic database of all animal and Plant species. DNA barcode reference databases are growing continuously and are curated by experts, museums and state collections around the world. Because: we can only protect what we know!

How We Do?

Together with you

Your sample Our analysis Your report. We use a highly specialized, efficient, cutting-edge DNA barcoding workflow. This allows us to quickly and efficiently identify the different species –especially for many samples at the same time. With DNA barcode fragments, we can identify the various species, even if taxonomic expertise is lacking or a sample is morphologically indeterminable

Why We Do That?

Protecting species and their diversity

Mountains of undetermined samples. We want to help protect biodiversity and find out what causes are responsible for the disappearance of species. Various institutes have been collecting samples from monitoring projects for years. However, they lack the budget and the enormous amount of time required to process, sort and determine all these organisms and mixed samples using classical method.